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Welcome to the Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District Website!

Our mission is :

To protect the health and socio-economic well-being of the citizens of Twin Falls County from harmful vectors and pests, employing environmentally sound abatement practices

 We primary work to reduce mosquito and biting blackfly numbers in the county to limit disease transmission.

We are always looking for ways to do our job better and welcome opportunities to working cooperatively with individuals and groups in the magic valley. Please contact us.

Manager Brian Simper                                                                                                      Mailing address: PO Box AC, Twin Falls, 83303-0094                                                    Office address: 507 Grandview drive South Suite A, Twin Falls                                        208-733-2338 

Notice of Board of Trustee Position
The Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District is seeking one replacement member for its Board of Trustees.  The Pest Abatement District, created by a vote of county citizens in 2008, has powers granted through the Idaho Mosquito and Vermin Abatement Act.  The mission statement of the district is:

To protect the health and socio-economic well being of the citizens of Twin Falls County from harmful vectors and pests, employing environmentally sound abatement practices.

The powers and duties of a trustee include:

    -Appointing a district manager or director and staff as needed,
    -Take all necessary steps for the control of mosquitoes and other vermin of public health and welfare importance,
    -To abate in breeding places on all land in the district or within migration distance of the district,
    -Work with water users and cooperating organizations,
    -File an annual budget to the county commissioners,
     -File an annual report to the county commissioners,
     -Approve written abatement management plans submitted by landowners requesting that their property be excluded from treatment by the Abatement District.

The Board of Trustees generally meets about once a month to review district activities, address new and ongoing district concerns, review district financial records and provide a time for the public to address the Board.  Board meetings are public; however executive sessions may also take place.

Applicants should file an application for membership on the Board of Trustees and submit a brief letter describing why they wish to serve on the board and any relevant qualifications to the Pest Abatement District.  Trustees shall be appointed for four (4) years by the county commissioners.  Applicants must be a resident property owner in Twin Falls County and registered to vote in the county.  Trustees serve without compensation, but will be reimbursed for any necessary expenses involved with their duties.

Applications can be downloaded from the Twin Falls County web site www.twinfallscounty.org, the Pest Abatement Website tfcpad.org, or picked up at the Pest Abatement office.

TFCPAD Board of Trustee Application (Word Document)

TFCPAD Board of Trustee Application Form.pdf

Applications will be accepted through February 9, 2020

Please Send Completed Applications to:     

              Sherry Olsen-Frank                                                             Dan Henningsen
                   PO Box 5274                                   or                                PO Box 2317
         Twin Falls, ID 83303-5274                                                      Twin Falls, ID 83303  

You may also find more information at Facebook and on our Youtube channel.



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